Gungahlin Viewed from the new suburb of Moncrieff
The Gungahlin Community Council (GCC) is a voluntary, not for profit, community-based association operating in the Gungahlin district of Canberra, in the Australian Capital Territory. This area covers the north-northwest of the ACT between the ACT/NSW border, the Barton Highway to the south, and the Federal Highway to the east, including the village of Hall. Our objective is to preserve and improve the social, cultural, economic and environmental well-being of Gungahlin and the Gungahlin community.
Note: GCC is not a local government. If you have enquiries relating to government issues, we may be able to help you. However, the main contact for ACT Government enquiries is Canberra Connect phone 13 22 81 or at

Our Monthly Meetings

The next GCC meeting will be held on Wednesday 8th October 2014 at 7:30 - 9.00pm at the Gungahlin Library


1. Outcomes from the Gungahlin Light Rail Forum (held 8th September)

Hear about the likely impacts of the Gungahlin to Civic Light Rail project on Gungahlin and consider options for matters including the location of the terminus (station), stops, cross overs, depot site, station design, parking and connections to the bus network.

This is a good opportunity to let Capital Metro and the ACT Government know what Gungahlin residents feel about light rail into Gungahlin.

Canberra environment group In Love 40% convened a very valuable Enquiry by Design session on Light Rail in December 2013. They joined with GCC to conduct a similar type of event to focus on the Gungahlin “end” as we thought that too much focus had been placed on the Dickson to Civic section. So we brought in the specialised consultants used at the earlier event and invited locals as well as key government advisers and academics to freely explore options.

Parking was a major issue. There was strong support for moving the rail track away from Hibberson Street (perhaps to Anthony Rolfe Ave). Density of development was discussed with some suggestions about more dense residential development behind Burgmann College and even encroaching into the grasslands.

2. Community Survey - Planning for the Town Centre and Suburbs

This survey has been developed to give local residents the opportunity to have their say on what changes and developments they want to see or would like in both the Town Centre and surrounding suburbs. A strong response will enable GCC to significantly influence outcomes rather than be told what is to happen. The decision on Light Rail makes extensive community input even more imperative – once planning decisions are put in place it will be too late to change the design of Gungahlin Town Centre. 

GCC believes that there is a window of opportunity in the next 6 to 12 months to influence design issues, the range of services and amenities and the securing of a Gungahlin-specific electorate in time for the 2016 ACT Legislative Assembly elections.

We want a lot of support to ensure that a large number of Gungahlin residents participate.

Current Development Applications

View all current DA applications for Gungahlin on our interactive map

Issues List

This list will be a living document, regularly updated as issues are progressed, and as new issues arise. It formed the basis of commitments to the Gungahlin area sought from candidates for the 2012 ACT Legislative Assembly elections and will provide a template for commitments from those members elected to the current ACT Legislative Assembly. View current issues list

Got a local issue we should know about?

Please use our contact form to let us know about any local issues in your neighbourhood.

What we do

The objective of the Gungahlin Community Council is: 

To preserve and improve the social, cultural, economic and environmental well being of Gungahlin and the Gungahlin Community.

To achieve this objective the Council undertakes to:

  • Provide a local forum in a non-political environment for Gungahlin residents & businesses can express their aspirations, concerns and suggestions.
  • Provide a strong local voice.
  • Address matters of local concern.
  • Ensure that legislators and officials are informed of community needs and expectations.
  • Foster a community identity.
  • Communicate issues locally and regionally.
  • Initiate, support or undertake any appropriate action advantageous for the community.
  • Continue to represent for all facilities and services expected by the community.
  • Seek to maintain and improve the quality of life in Gungahlin.
  • Provide a deterrent against party politics impeding or overriding community wishes.

NBN Gungahlin Links

ACT Library - Digital Hub
NBN Monthly Reports
NBN Standard/Non Standard definitions 
Crace Fibre Area (shows where the NBN is in Gungahlin)
Map of Gungahlin (shows where FTTH exists in Gungahlin from TransACT/iinet and NBN)

Guides - Getting Connected, NBN Fibre User Guide.

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Latest News Stories

Public Meeting and AGM 10 September 2014
Website Editor - Tuesday, September 16, 2014

GCC 2014 AGM Minutes

Gungahlin Public Library 7.30pm, 10 September 2014
AGM September 2014
Apologies: Stuart Todd
Peter Elford moved that the minutes of previous meeting accepted. Seconded: James Milligan. Passed unanimously.
This report covers my third term as President of the Gungahlin Community Council. The contributions of the committee have enabled us to continue the impressive record of achievement for a local community council and to demonstrate strong commitment to local issues.
GCC maintained a high profile through its use of traditional and social media in pursuing and communicating issues. We used our contacts, networks and the media to very good advantage!
Setting the scene –Gungahlin’s development melange
Gungahlin scored 5 new projects in the last act budget with the only major items being the signalisation of the William Slim Drive/Barton Highway roundabout and construction of an access road into the new suburb of Throsby.
We missed out on the duplication of Gundaroo Drive and relief of parking problems at Yerrabi – both in our top 5 list. 7 more projects were classified as work in progress and one, the completion of Horse Park Drive, was achieved in mid-July. Another GCC priority issue – intersections in the eastern end of the town centre – is under consideration. However the ‘waiting game’ continues in the town centre, in particular along Hibberson Street.
Gungahlin Town Centre is evolving – moving inexorably away from the concept of a quiet urban village - but it is not yet at the stage of a dynamic commercial environment.
GCC progressed its objective to upgrade communications with community residents through greater use of the various forms of media available. We sought to make the community more aware of plans and developments in the area and of issues that the Council intended to pursue.
GCC continued to update its list of issues and provided these to stakeholders as well as publishing them on the GCC website and in most editions of Gunsmoke.
Our Gunsmoke newsletter was improved to provide more reader-friendly material. The invaluable support and advice provided by James Milligan of JM Publishing enabled steady improvements to the quality and content of the publication so that readability and appeal were enhanced. In the past year we produced 6 editions (July
September, November, February April and June) to the set schedule, with all editions being available for the public meetings in the month of release.
Relationships were enhanced with My Gungahlin to develop opportunities for better promotion of events and issues throughout the Gungahlin community.
We participated in a number of NBN events and featured in media interviews on a wide range of topics. Comments were frequently featured in newspaper, radio and television media. GCC sought to ensure that the provision of the long awaited NBN services continued throughout all of Gungahlin with an aim of our district achieving the highest take-up rate around the country.
GCC maintained its contact with a wide variety of groups, including the Planning and Development Forum, to convey its views on matters affecting the Gungahlin community. We established strong links with Community @ Work to support their profile after merging with the GRCS and retained involvement in seeking continuation of the Gungahlin Community Forum.
As President I maintained contact with a number of ACT Government Directorates at senior level to discuss issues of concern and to ascertain information about developments. I participated in Bush on the Boundary meetings to keep abreast of conservation issues (and learn form a broad range of conservation interests) and attended forums on Light Rail, Water Quality, Air traffic Noise, Climate Change, City to the Lake planning, City Centre planning and Aged Cities planning.
GCC continued its efforts to encourage community participation in Community Council activities; Read More..

Public Meeting 13 August 2014
Website Editor - Monday, August 25, 2014

GCC PUBLIC MEETING Minutes  Read More..

Public Meeting 9 July 2014
Website Editor - Sunday, July 27, 2014

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