Have your say 2014 - GCC community survey RESULTS

The Gungahlin Community Council (GCC) conducted a community survey in late 2014 to determine the attitude of residents in the Gungahlin area regarding:

● The Urban Village Concept of the Town Centre
● Roads and Transport Infrastructure
● Commuting
● Local Area Services
● Community Services
● Electorate

A subcommittee of the GCC created questions in each of those areas. The number of questions was kept to a minimum in an effort to keep the expected time to complete the survey under 5 minutes, if no comments were included. Some basic demographic data was also collected. The survey was trialed and modified several times before being conducted using the online service Survey Monkey.

The survey was promoted in several ways:

● Feature banner on the GCC website
● A feature page in the October issue of the GCC newsletter Gunsmoke
● Facebook posts with a banner specifically designed to feature the survey
● A comprehensive letterbox distribution of a flyer to all Gungahlin residences
● Articles in the Chronicle newspaper
● Email to subscribers to the GCC email list
● Communication with a large number of social, community, educational, business and church groups in Gungahlin
● Extensive promotion throughout the Communities@Work network
● Weekly posts on the MyGungahlin website and newsletter

A total of 1343 individuals responded to the survey. The responses were spread over October, November and early December 2014. The responses over this period were remarkably consistent. The different promotion methods had little overlap and hence it was possible to estimate the effectiveness of the methods. All email promotions where the respondent simply had to click a link had a high response rate that we estimate at 25% of the emails. Any hard copy links including the wide letter box distribution had no discernible effect on the number of responses. Links on the GCC website and links on MyGungahlin appeared to generate about two responses per day.

A report summarising the results can be found here.

The detailed responses can be found here.

The full dataset can be obtained upon request from the GCC. Please identify who you are and why you would like access to the data.