How to become a Member of the GCC

We do not at present have a formal membership process.  If you meet the membership criteria (mainly being a Gungahlin resident) you can contribute or participate.  We ask that you sign up by subscribing to the GCC email alerts, link with GCC on Facebook & come to the monthly meetings.

Membership Criteria

Membership of the Council is open to any person who is 16 years or over, who meets the following criteria:
  • - any person living in the Gungahlin district any person owning property in the Gungahlin district
  • - any person working or conducting a business in the Gungahlin district
  • - any representative of a social organisation or interest group servicing the Gungahlin district
  • - a person meeting any of the above requirements, who has attended at least three meetings of the Gungahlin Community Council, during the past calendar year.