Meeting Minutes

Public Meeting Minutes 13 June 2015
Vice President - Sunday, June 14, 2015
Centralll Park, ACT Budget, 


Wednesday 130th June 2015
6.30pm commencement

Meeting Opened 6.33pm
(Attendees including 3 Committee Members, 2 ACT MLA’s)

Item 1. GeoCon Briefing on D.A for Centralll Park- Rob Purdon

Proposed multi-storey residential developments on block bordered by Anthony Rolfe Ave, Gundaroo Drive & Gribble St at the very top of the Town Centre. Over 4-10 years this will include 3 high-rise towers incorporating more than 600 units.

Application has been lodged and is currently being assessed as a part of the D.A process.
Prior presentation made to GCC before D.A and comments including retaining future commercial use for the site. This proposal was based on 4 residential towers, but the new D.A shows only 3 towers, with over 600 apartments, mainly 2-4 bedrooms, adequate parking etc.
From here- Planning Authority will note the 30+ comments on the application, and information will be made available to GeoCon (not privy to it yet), and will have an opportunity to address.
An expected decision should be made in next 3-4 weeks. The Planning Authority has, and can ask for more information.
Sections have been sub divided- Childcare separate and 3 towers are separate leases for each tower and staged development, with the 4th commercial tower also on a separate tower.

Staging process would be critical as market couldn’t absorb 600+ apartments, nor could they be bought. Will be pending build time and apartment sales. Development could commence next year, or late 2015 depending on D.A and sales. No trees will be removed, access of Griblle Street.

Q- What type of parking?
A- Some underground, but more than adequate podium parking, even though no car parking is required under the code. There will be 6-700 spaces on site.

Q- There are 3 towers over a timeframe, and the market goes up and down, if at the end of tower 1 and sales are poor, what would GeoCon do with the site?
A- They have to demonstrate an ability to be able to do something on the site. They cannot sit on it forever. If there is a lapse in the 2-year plan, then they may lapse.

Q: Concern re changing from to residential/ commercial as per the new design, what was the process in the change structure, i.e. did you talk to businesses, government etc. to attempt to fill the commercial side?
A: GeoCon changed the structure to make commercial, added childcare, contacted gov’t to get office located here, both state and federal, they have met with larger and smaller entities to entice to Gungahlin. It has been difficult to get these to Gungahlin. It was in GeoCons interest to get a commercial tenant, but has had to change this over the years to more residential based. If they can secure a commercial tenant this is what the 4th tower will be aimed at.

Q: Will new development change the height of the tower?
A: One office was 12 stories (larger than 12 stories residential). Has been made to be around 19-20 stories of residential.

Item 2. ACT Budget Round Up

Key Points for Gungahlin:

Some wins in local budget
Duplication of Gungahlin Drive, Horse Park drive,
Increased funding for Mental Health for Gungahlin
Tenders being let for adding 1.6k north of Sandford St to Barton Hwy.
TAMS clean ups
New schools

Local M.L.A Updates: (MLA Summary – Alistair and Meegan)

* Alistair Coe MLA
Liberals announced some policies last week to impact Gungahlin if elected next October:

• Duplication of Gundaroo Drive from Mirrabei to Barton Hwy- feels should leverage scale of the works and get all done as once, as agreed by GCC survey vs. piece meal works.
• 50 new buses added to the network – including non-stop services from Gungahlin to City and parliamentary triangle.
• Barton Hwy fly over option vs. signalizing (9 sets of lights)- would add to 316 second delays by 2021. Flyover would be William Slim over Barton as opposed to Barton Hwy going over – advantage is distance to span (85m vs. 300m and $30m cost).

Announcement on alternative for Light Rail is coming to look at better investment for $730m


Q: Barton Hwy flyovers proposed by ALP- if done will the Libs then still go ahead and change? Action: Is there an option for a survey or petition to determine what the community wants?
A: this is a good idea and a consideration to look at.

Q: 50 new buses, how many dedicated buses to Gungahlin. What is planned connectivity to Weston Creek, Woden, and Tuggeranong etc. especially during peak hour?
A: Specific operational side has not been analysed, looking to fill gaps in the network but still to get fully into the data.

Q: If Govt can’t afford buses, will they allow private services to operate?
A: Not planned, but feels Gov’t may be doing so

Q: Qbn- Civic is approx. $7-8 fare, would there be a potential to talk across border to solve some of these inefficiencies?
A: Gov’t should communicate with cross border bodies including buses, so there may be some opportunity to collaborate between ACT-NSW-Qbn.

Q: Gov’t quote on flyover was $50m, Lib is $35m, what is the cause of the disparity?
A: This was based on Barton Hwy flyover, vs. William Slim flyover. Mick Gentleman mentioned on radio that he hasn’t costed it.
There is a definitive look by Libs to focus on ‘economy of scale’ with road projects

Q: If buses will replace Light Rail, will dedicated lanes be in place for buses to avoid congestion.
A: Will be announced in policy so wont be announcing, but assessing best option and R.O.I.

* Meegan Fitzharris MLA
Copies of budget documents – Budget Paper 2, a specific Gungahlin document made available.

Budget is a $5B spend, which includes a lot of services such as Health and Education. It is important to remember these two areas as well as infrastructure.

New Schools - $30m for a P-6 school to open in 2019 for North Gungahlin (Moncrieff or Taylor), feasibility study for a 7-10 school in North Gungahlin as well. Gungahlin College is close to capacity, but other schools still have scope for students.

Roads- there is $90m of new roads in ACT this budget and Gungahlin has $60m of this spend.

$120k to put outdoor play / gym equipment at Yerrabi Pond – this is a strong focal point in town.
$900k for Mulligans Flat to extend predator fence- this is for the down payment to expand the area.

Agrees that a long-term solution to all transport solutions is needed, and this is the constant debate and discussion from both parties in the assembly. If you agree there is congestion, it has to be fixed, and Light Rail thinks this is a solution, where Opposition doesn’t.

Q: Previous issues raised about schools in Franklin and Harrison (overflowing) and development on Flemington Rd will only add to the impact, as well as Walk In Clinic- how did these go in budget?
A: Have met with Franklin school/ families/ parents – the community and the model 0-2 is a good model, and to move from this to a P-10 appears to be a big shock, which could cause the issues. Has been raising pedestrian access to Palmerson School, as this was an issue. The new development is not a part of the current educational planning needs, as it focuses on what is current, so this may add some impact moving forward. Walk In clinic has no traction, but still talking to Health Minister and the current clinic still has room to cope.

Q: Strong suggestion for schools and walk in/ hospital?
A – Ewan- was in lock up and needs to be more strategic, and provide data based opinions vs. opinion-based claims. Focus from GCC will be on top 5 areas.

Q: Good to see Innovation and start up funding in budget, is there a way to get and use to fill commercial towers?
A: NBN is a big advantage and we have Digital Hub, local businesses looking to leverage this. GCC business breakfast still is happening, as well as a push by GCC to have a Business Hub.

Q: A concern raised about lack of parkland around us in walking distance?
A: Surprise on this, Crace massive, Mullangary Parklands, etc. exist.

Q: Evidence of public smoking around town, public spaces etc. Any plans for Gov’t to increase fines, make more dedicated areas etc.
A: Gov’t can’t fix every problem, and while not healthy/ polite etc. and the cost to fine vs revenue etc. needs to be balanced.

Q: Is it possible for some federal $80m spend to be allocated to Yerrabi Pond for upkeep etc?
A: This can be taken on board, and potential for ‘Friends of Yerrabi Pond’

Q. Cavalry is under contract and is a primary care allocated hospital. Can gov’t be sure to look at this if there is to be a re-signing of the contract? This is stopping potential for Gungahlin hospital. Where would you co-locate a Medical Centre or a Nurse Walk in Centre?
A: Options on the site, can move parking underground etc. Hospital footprints are enormous. Next election there will 5 MLA’s to represent the area so this will increase local representation.
GCC: We are calling for a Gungahlin Master Plan

Roads- thanks to all who signed petition, would ideally like full stretch to be extended. Wont be built In a year, and hoping to see continuation in next budget to complete the entire area.

Mapleton Ave will be updated this budget –
Wells Station- Horse Park Drive- signals not working
Majura Road is great, but adding congestion to HPD.
Barton Signals re Alistair’s wait time of 316 seconds- morning peak is 50 seconds, not 300. Funding difference is probably due to the span change.

Cinema- developers should have settled 2 weeks ago, but haven’t. Have asked for many extensions. This is a commercial decision and gov’t can fine or withdraw.

General Business:

* Access Canberra – now open, has Canberra Connect plus many other services. Strong small business service focus.

*Gunsmoke- $9500 spent to produce Mega Edition, which is going out today. What impact will this have?

*Business Breakfast to be held late July – more to come.

Meeting closed 8.10pm

No July Meeting. Next Meeting 12th August @ 6.30pm